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Alps 2018
I'm looking at getting a group together to go to the Alps next year - 19th May. It's greats cycling, a beautiful lake for swimming and a bit of running if you must! The guys that run it are great too - supported rides etc. I'm just trying to get a nice group together if anyone fancies it?
Jane and I are about to book with 2 or 3 other people interested.

£325 (discounted rate)

More info from Caroline

I've been before and it's been great cycling. I've flown and hired bikes...and driven. Both work and end up costing similar ish. The accommodation is basic, but adequate (almost static caravan style, but a bit better!). Basically self catering, although there is one or 2 simple but good enough cafes/restaurants. Handy local supermarket, car useful, but not essential. Cycling is led and supported - a little van pops up regularly which you can get in(!) or put your lunch and clothes in! Nice lake for swimming and/or running round. At least 3 coaches and they make sure all abilities have a good trip (that fits their needs).
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