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Club Rides are back!!

As I’m sure you can all understand, there will be new protocols in place to keep everyone safe, they are as follows: 

⁃ Staggered start times to reduce mass gatherings at the start of rides.
⁃ Different cafe stops for each group.
⁃ Group size a maximum of 6 riders including the leader.
⁃ The ride leader will perform a role call and safety briefing before each ride. This creates a record of who rode together, allowing us to comply with any ‘track and trace’ requirements.

The club will now be using an App called ‘The TeamApp’. All members are asked to download, sign up to and join the Thame CC members group inside this app. 

Please follow the link below.


⁃ Once signed up please fill in your details as well as your emergency contact details. Ride leaders will have access to your details through the app during rides in case of emergency.
⁃ Please familiarise yourself with the events page. This is where you will find planned club rides. You must sign up to the ride you wish to join. Anyone who has not signed up will not be permitted to join that group. There is limited space, spaces will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Please only occupy one of the spaces if you are 100% committed to riding.
⁃ The event will list the ride leader, start time and destination. We will also advertise the rides on Facebook and the website, just as before, BUT you must sign up via the app to attend.

A few last points: 
There are currently no set guidelines to suggest which riding formation is safest. So we will continue to ride in a 2-2-2 formation as the club riding code states. Please follow Ride leader instructions to form a single line when road/safety conditions dictate. 
There are no guidelines to say any PPE or face masks should be worn during rides. However, all participants must follow good respiratory hygiene at all times. Coughing into an elbow. Spitting etc. We ask that you move out of the group entirely to do so. Any failure to comply with this particular rule, will result in you being asked to leave the ride. The ride leaders will have the full support from the committee on this matter.

Myself, and the committee hope to see some you on the 11th. For those that do not feel comfortable group riding yet, stay safe and we hope to see you in the near future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact club email, or alternatively, you can contact me directly.

Kind Regards 

Ryan Coughtrey
Ride Leader Coordinator