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Thame CC Routes
TCC Routes
Thame CC has a page on the RidewithGPS website which can be found here. There is a collection of routes to choose from to be used by Ride Leaders or if you go off on your own. Another option is to search on RidewithGPS website for routes starting in Thame, you will find plenty of routes created by Ride Leaders from the club.
Thame CC takes no responsibility on how accurate the routes are and for the road conditions. Use at your own discretion.
Below are a couple of links of routes from the past. All of these can be found on the Thame CC page also.
Waterperry via Cuddesdon 40M and 1,200 ft of ascent
Waterperry via Ashendon 39M and 1,500ft of ascent
Benson via Baldons 46M and 1,200 ft of ascent
Café Twit Missenden via Cryers Hill 38M and 1,400 ft of ascent
Green Dragon Quainton via Waddesdon 39M and 1,500ft of ascent
Route one via Cholsey 45M and 1,300ft of ascent
Swan Streatley via Ewelme 43M and 1,600ft of ascent
Kizzies café Lower Heyford 55M and 1,200 ft of ascent
Annies tea room Thrupp and Aston Pottery 83M and 2,300 ft of ascent
Turweston and Jennie Wren Winslow 84M and 3,100ft of ascent
There are plenty of routes available on RidewithGPS and the search function works very well. Don't hesitate to ask a rideleader for a route. They are happy to share.
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